Monitoring if Jamf Protect is active

The Jamf Protect dashboard gives you a great way to view devices and their protective status! But what if the device no longer has a plan or has trouble connecting to your Jamf Protect tenant?

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By macstuff
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You will need an additional check to see the status locally on the device. With Jamf Pro you can leverage the extension attributes to collect the current status of Jamf Protect. Per moment of writing Jamf Protect knows a couple:

  • Protected: You're fine! :)
  • Enrolling: Either it just deployed or it's stuck on enrolling, if stuck for more than 5 minutes - try restarting the device.
  • Missing Plan: Now what if the status is "missing plan"? There is a high chance that the configuration profile containing the plan details is missing. Check if the current scope of your Jamf Protect plan is set up correctly and deployed to the device missing the plan.
  • Disconnected: Something broke! Try running sudo protectctl repair.

Any of these might result in a device no longer being able to check in. You can collect this information with the extension attribute below.

What if the result you receive is 'Protect binary does not exist'. You could reinstall Jamf Protect manually via a PKG, remove the configuration profile plan from the device and deploy it again.

Check out this script on Github! Github doesn't allow embedding so I used an external tool for this. The script above may be old, always check out my repositories!

extension-attributes/ at main · macstuffdev/extension-attributes
Extension Attributes for Jamf Pro. Contribute to macstuffdev/extension-attributes development by creating an account on GitHub.

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