Cleaning up old Jamf Pro users

Been running Jamf Pro for multiple years? You might have a few thousand users that you do not touch. People who have left, a mistake in names, test accounts and all that jazz.

7 months ago   •   2 min read

By macstuff

A lot of people have had their instances for a long time. Say 5-6 years. A lot of stuff builds up over time that does not get cleaned up, like users for example!

Below you can see a screenshot of something I've built but you would obviously have more users. You can see that my first user has one computer and one mobile device. However, the user below that has no computer or mobile devices assigned to them. That could be a test like in my case but also someone who has already left the organization.

Note: this workflow is tested on 10.32.2 and below, make sure to keep up to date with any changes that might happen with this function.

Clicking on the account itself gives us a little more detail about the account. Below you can see that there is nothing associated apart from an eBook.

Now to clean up these users that you no longer use, you can do a mass action on all users. Just do a blank search for all users and press action, you will see something like below.

Now, this is an important step. You need to verify the deletion of the user. Any user that has a device assigned cannot be deleted. This makes it safe to run this action on all users. Only the users that are no longer being used will be taken action on. But, if you're on any other version than 10.32.2, make sure that it's actually still the case. My tests have been done on 10.32.2 and I've used this workflow in all versions below. However, Jamf may choose to make any changes, even years after this blog post has been made. See screenshot below:

You can run this whenever you'd like and it's a very good way to keep your instance healthy and clean! Old users can make a mess of things making you lose focus on potential problems. It also could make everything a lot snappier if you have a ton of users.

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